See the sources at the new location: Send feedback about the website to: In order to run XmlBeans 2.

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The generated classes will implement the interface and, for each method, call out to the static handler. You can download the source distribution and build these xmlbbeans-2.5.0.jar yourself, or get the jars from an Apache mirror: The project originated with a contribution from BEA Inc. See more information about Apache Conferences. To download Saxon-B, go to http: You can download the source distribution and build these jars yourself, or get the jars from an Apache mirror:.

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Fix for compiling schema that contains complex type with simple content that has facets defined in the base simple type Introducing a default maximum entity replacement limit of 10kb, it can be controled by using the option XmlOptions. Major goals of the 2. Sorry for the confusion.

While incubation status is xmlbeabs-2.5.0.jar necessarily a reflection of the completeness or stability of the code, it does indicate that the project has yet to be fully endorsed by the ASF. Note that JDK 1. The first dot release in the V2 line is now available from your favorite mirror.

Index of /org/apache/xmlbeans/xmlbeans/2.5.0

Sources are still compatible with JDK 1. At the moment this is only available if you download and build the source from Subversion but when the next point release is released the binary xmlbeasn-2.5.0.jar will use SaxonB 8.

XMLBeans changes surrogate pair bytes to question marks. When using JDK 1. Starting with XmlBeans 2. Here's a short list of improvements in this release: Improved Xmlbezns-2.5.0.jar Handling - This version adds error codes and ensures message consistency.

Index of libs-releases/org/apache/xmlbeans/xmlbeans/2.5.0

Added multiple entry points and refactored code for xsd2inst code. Now search and browse XMLBeans source code is available thanks to grepcode. You can pass to the Schema Compiler 1 an interface that defines the set of methods to implement and 2 a static handler that implements this functionality. Download it from you favorite mirrror and check it out! In addition, fail-fast behavior is provided for simple types, while access to the post schema validation infoset is made available during validation.

Please see the Git at Apache page for details. Performance - Performance has been improved across the board. Download the latest release here. ApacheCon US November As menitioned earlier, as of the 2. Incubation is required of all newly accepted projects until a further review indicates that the infrastructure, communications, and decision making process have stabilized in a manner consistent with other successful ASF projects.

Shah posted on the O'Reilly website. Native DOM support improves performance and memory footprint; XML parsing is now by default performed by Piccolo, a high performance parser; incremental compilation of only modified artifacts has been added; and the performance of the XmlCursor implementation has been greatly improved.

Index of /dist/xmlbeans/binaries

Latest release files are available. This fixes the scenario when copy and access ex. Many synchronization and stability bug fixes Note: For the beta2 release we will double check that these jars are in the distribution! This release contains a few small features that you may find useful, along with the usual assortment of bug and performance fixes.

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