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But they understood that it kept me focused on something when so many of my other friends were out robbing 7-Elevens or being pieces of shit. Negative Capability - Marianne Faithfull. Finally, a musician whose record collection, or iTunes library, sounds as if it could contain albums by Cash, Conway Twitty, Elvis, Balam Acab, The Caretaker, Portishead, and Washed Out created music that synthesizes these diverse influences.

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There was nothing I could do but just attempt to get under it, so I basically scraped the shit out of the bottom of the overpass and the top of my truck. Some Rap Songs - Earl Sweatshirt. Over this unsettling backdrop, Daughn spins a song about the exact kind of no-hope characters these songs are supposed to be about, telling an compelling and inscrutable little tale even as his words are slurred to near-unintelligibility.

Daughn Gibson

Be the Cowboy - Mitski. Chris - Christine and the Queens. Holy Hell - Architects.

Surrounded by echoed electric guitar, sinister rhythm patterns, and cutting synth, Daughn unfurls his unsettling, elliptical tales in a gritty baritone. Socks - JD McPherson.

So does Scott Walker. But most striking is that he somehow manages to introduce country music, and a more traditional singer-songwriter approach, into this equation. Cocoon Crush - Objekt. I had a load in Brooklyn, so I dropped it off and started to head home.

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It wipes away the dust and brings fresh ideas into the room. Also, like them, Gibson pulls from a profound darkness and is capable of molding a three-minute pop tune out of a messy history of random dread.

Negative Capability - Marianne Faithfull. Universal acclaim - based on 5 Ratings. Rain On The Highway Daughn Gibson Harrowing small-town tales from a Pennsylvania punk-turned-crooner. So bands that were touring came through one way or another.

Daughn Gibson: All Hell : Mistletone

Instead, the year-old Carlisle, Pennsylvania, resident fashions ghostly, haunting country-ish ballads out of Christian gospel samples and looping audio software while his rich baritone narrates small-town tragedy. Universal acclaim - based on 4 Critics What's this? For my first experience driving, I got asked to do a load to New York.

What was it like for you growing up in small-town Pennsylvania? Outside of country music, what were your influences in making such radically different music? Both use samples, but Gibson slows his down and makes them sinisterly resonate.

Daughn Gibson - All Hell (Vinyl LP) - Amoeba Music

All Hell throws up no barriers to access--if you have an abiding interest in great stories told by a great new storyteller, it'll welcome you in. Lastly, do you have any crazy stories from your years truck driving? More Blood, More Tracks: Daufhn country music prides itself fibson reproducing tradition; its lack of innovation and inability to evolve with shifting trends is one of its virtues, both musically and ideologically.

Gibson avoids awkward genre mash-ups with memorable vocal melodies and a knack for seamlessly matching timbres of the traditional and contemporary. Joy As an Act of Resistance - Idles.

There were a couple of electronic artists that really shocked me. His sample-work recalls both cloud-rap producers and ambient artists like Kirby and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. But I definitely straddled the line and hung out with high-school dirtbags.

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