Dolphin cephalometric software

J Pharm Bioallied Sci ;6: Pros The only pro is that I don't have to hand trace cephs and the program does the ceph analysis A comparison of conventional and digital methods. Don' 39;t by this program. From time to time the product will have its glitches and won't allow us to use the software.

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Dolphin Imaging Software

I wish I researched more in depth before I wasted my money. Showing 1 - 15 of 15 reviews. Support is offered via live chat, phone, email and webinars.

Zygomatic arch right, ZAL: I purchased the software to do one specific analysis. It saves me time and helps to keep everything in one place. Dolphin Imaging is a very easy to use program Pros Dolphin Imaging is a very easy to use program that allows you to access imaging even when in a different location.

Me and my orthodontic team use this product every day. Dolphin imagines Pros It easy to use and the quality of he imaging system is great. Calls to support are painful, as the first tech you talk to never knows much about the program, and even if there's a ticket open it seems cephalmoetric you need to start at that square one each time. Jugal point right to midsagittal reference line, 2: I sofwtare open it because of licensing issues.

The program itself works well for what I need it for. Dolphin Imaging appears in the following software guides:. Reliability of four different computerized cephalometric analysis programs.

Dolphin Imaging Software - Reviews, Demo & Pricing

Pros Softwafe use, very organized, you can show patients their before and after pictures of each view. This confirms the validity and optimal efficacy of the newly designed software ICC 0. According to our results, the newly designed software has acceptable validity and reliability and can be used for orthodontic diagnosis, treatment planning and assessment of treatment outcome. Sitemap What's New Feedback Disclaimer.

Comparative evaluation of cephalometric measurements of monitor-displayed images by nemoceph software and its hard copy by manual tracing. Price Demo Write a Review. I have had live chat agents admit that they handle multiple clients at one time, explaining the slow responses and long delays in help.

Many cepfalometric measurements, of course not serve at all. Such an easy product to use. Molar relation left, 2: A comparison of digital versus hand-tracing methods. Jugal point left to midsagittal reference line, 3: There are so many different way to tweak the images.

Images are very clear. Computer-aided head film analysis: Molar relation right to jaw right, 9: However, Dolphin is very expensive and cannot be afforded by many clinicians in developing countries. Eur J Orthod ; Soctware it works properly, Dolphin has a wide array of features and quick navigation. We've had tons of issues with Dolphin. Palvinder from Langara School of Management.

I then researched about Dolphin on Dentaltown and found many negative experiences with the company.

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