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Same example ported to XXE v While at it, the stock Home , Previous , Next , Up navigation icons were replaced by nicer icons. In previous versions of XXE , this keyboard shortcut invoked command search. For example, XED scripts are used to: This makes our four editors free to use by many persons and organizations.

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XMLmind is a great introductory tool for technical writers entering the world of structured authoring and DocBook. ButtonFaceButtonText and system fonts e.

XMLmind DocBook Editor

This regression was introduced in version 6. Any hand-written customization of a stock configuration broke command " Options Customize Configuration Customize Edior Conversion Stylesheets ".

Anyway, this add-on is not meant to be used by DITA experts who master the two aforementioned advanced features. DITA configurations define a " Conditional Processing " category audienceplatformetc and an " Other " category xtrcxtrf ; hidden by default.

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For example, character TAB may now be specified as any of the following: Only xnl property border-width is currently fully supported.

One of the happy benefits of working with open standards like XML and DocBook is that there are a range of free tools for things such as transformations. In addition to built-in XInclude 1. Copying some text from within the Attributes tool e. The Tools pane has tabs for editing element tag attributes, search and replace, spell check, inserting special characters, and XML validation. Use div and span elements to organize the tool bar buttons.

This means that using " Conditional Processing Select Profile " from either the map, the Navigation Pane containing the map or any of the topics opened from the zml or Navigation Pane will automatically apply the selected profile to the map and to all its topics.


This " XML source " view of a document is now an almost normal view of a document. This command allows to check the assembly being edited and all its referenced topics for all kinds of errors, including cross-reference errors and missing image resources. The xxetool command-line utility no longer uses the " Quick Start Cache " and is therefore slower to start than in the previous versions of XXE.

Now attempting to perform any table editing command on xmlminnd invalid table reports an error message.

The only way to suppress generated content was to specify " content: Removed commands search and replaceText. The " Map Check Map " command now checks the validity of all the input documents.

This change was needed to support DocBook audio and video elements. This keyboard shortcut was used for " Tools Check Spelling eeditor. Editing tables Take the lesson Watch the screencast.

This usage too is explicitly allowed in Personal License.

Both the stock configuration e. Now, there is nothing special to do.

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Upgraded the Apache FOP plug-in to version 2. Setting attributes Take the lesson Watch the screencast. Reorganized the View menu.

This feature is configured using the new attributeVisibility configuration element. XXE supports modular documents, and the process is as easy as the master documents feature in Microsoft Word, and may be more reliable!

In previous versions of the " Easy Profiling " add-on, it was only possible to exclude contents from the deliverables. In fact, when XXE v6. Previously the only way to update this window was to select menu item " Help Show Content Model " or to press Shift-F1.

This support is packaged as a new add-on called " DocBook v5. XXE now has built-in support for XInclude 1.

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