Pagpag sino yang kasama mo

What does that mean? Remember, just to weaken our faith, the enemy is like.. Remember, niloloko lang kayo ng imaginations niyo and ng mga traditions.

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Once he drags your faith away, lagot ka na. If we are with our Creatorpaniniwalaan mo pa kaya 'to?

"sino yang kasama mo? hindi ka kasi nag pagpag" by imzen21 | Zen | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Again, niloloko ka lang ng imagination mo. Sinasabi lang niya na you are alone and there is someone standing there to scare you, or something bad will happen to you when you try to do things.

Slno may nagsabi sa'yo para ibahin ang mindset mo. Some may claim na nakakakita sila ng kung anu-ano. Let's assess our fears. And the peace I give is a gift te world cannot give. Now we, as Christians, wanted to encourage you guys. Remember, just to weaken our faith, the enemy is like. These are just his worthless baits [pain read as pa-aen ]. Niloloko ka lang ng imagination mo. Remember, niloloko lang kayo ng imaginations niyo and ng mga traditions. And you will feel peace.

Kahit saan tayo magpunta, the Lord is guiding and always working for our own good. Kung dati nagpunta tayo sa patay dahil gusto lang nating irespeto, ngayon iniisip natin na pagkagaling sa patay, daan na sa ibang lugar para 'di masundan.

Sino yang kasama mo?? #Pagpag Hahaha. Ang saya-saya!!! Laughtrip with my sissy xD GOOD NIGHT. :P

Jesus wanted His people to pray for people, dead or alive. Glory and honor is all to God who is with us from the start, 'til forever!

Grace, love, faith, hope, and peace may be with you as we start everyday with Him! All of these, are made out of FEAR.

Posted by Amiel Aban at 9: In the habit of doing this, people's belief got mixed up and sabug-sabog na. Some will think in elemental creatures context na may nangangalaga lang sa mga lupa, etc.

For He said in His word. Kung dati 'di mo pinapansin 'yung matandang puno sa likod ng bahay niyo, ngayon iniisip mo na may nagtatabako doon. Meron pang mga elemental creatures. Kung maririnig natin 'yung commercial na " Sino 'yang kasama mo? Ineexpect kasi natin na meron talagang mga creatures, and mangyayari talaga ang mga traditions.

F - alse E - xpectations A - ppearing R - eal Anxieties and fears only come out of false expectations. This is a way to show our love for others as well. Malay mo tumaba pala. Look at the context.

Iniikot lang ang isipan natin. The enemy is just using these things to weaken our faith.

Pagpag - Sino Yang Kasama Mo? by wallflower | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Let Him take control. Newer Post Older Post Home.

If you believe God will push through your wedding and it is by His will since the day you both metHe will push it through just for me and you to meet.

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