Deichkind krawall und remmidemmi

Photo by Henning Besser. Hell yes, their last show even featured a gigantic beer barrel that rolled through the audience. Remmidemmi was the ultimate musical manifestation of that spirit — an endpoint and a new start.

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But you have to work hard on this. Read more about it in our legal notice. Befehl von ganz unten was Deichkind's first hit album, selling more thanunits. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Deichkind.

The simple but effective party anthem, Remmidemmibecame a must-have on each party whether you were in Cologne or maybe even Salzburg. These questions are always circling around us. Your shows are colourful celebrations if extravaganza.

Krawall und Remmi Demmi by Deichkind

Powered By Emotion You guys played at Roskilde before and in London as well. Remmidemmi was the ultimate musical manifestation of that spirit — an endpoint and a new start. Select album in deicykind field Format.

Does this also count for the lyrical content? Hotboxpleaseliterally Please pull through. Exploring new things has always been one of our main motivations.

I always find it difficult to force an opinion on the people in a song. Whenever you had the chance to attend one of these enigmatic events in the past years one thing was pretty sure. Either way you go deichkinx hard slog which coasts an immense amount of time or you have a krrawall international hit. Like Mich Am Arsch If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Universal Music From until now: Do you feel a certain pressure to constantly top things?

The band changed hip hop beats with a heavy techno foundation; they dressed up in garbage bags, vandalized on stage and literally stopped giving a fuck.

Krawall und Remmi Demmi by Deichkind Song Statistics |

Retrieved July 13, Niveau Weshalb Warum remmiddmmi at number-one on the album charts in Germany and Switzerland. Illustration by Stefan Ibrahim. Horse in the stable "Pferd im Stall" is a German metaphor for somebody who is conspicuous. Niveau Weshalb Warum That was exactly ten years ago. But we simply never had an international smash hit.

Remmidemmi (Yippie Yippie Yeah) by Deichkind on Spotify

These three singles placed in the charts. Archived from the original on May 11, Der Flohmarkt Ruft feat. Like my ass literally: EDM soundscapes meet ironic and critical lyrics.

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