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Hi Antoine7, Does this mean that the activation keys we buy will be for Ufile though?

Go to " Settings ". Posted April 3, Even so, why the heck can't they allow it to show the right credit amount on line ? We cannot guarantee that UFile will be compatible with all platforms and their respective browsers.

Posted August 1, Go To Topic Listing Installation. Congrats to the Winners! I purchased and downloaded UFile a few days ago and my 201 prepared her tax return yesterday.

Prior tax years for UFile

I got same situation as 1st gentlement, I had Ufile this year. It explains why some people are getting no rebate or have to pay.

I have the 200 codes, but I still need a link to download ufile You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. If that was a link in the second to last sentence, it didn't work for me. Should your income exceed this limitation, you will be asked to pay to print the return or submit it via NETFILE only when you are completely satisfied.

Re-downloading a purchased program - Installation - UFile Support Community

To finalize that the selection item s are what you want, we have provided you with a "Summary" page. Hi, My computer died and I now have a new one. Tuition credits that are not used or transferred to a supporting person in the current year will be carried forward by UFile for future use by the student.

My computer was restored last weekend, and Ufile program file was gone.

UFile for Free, Tax Software Canada | UFile

You must also be entitled only to standard non-refundable tax credits, and have no other deductions or credits such as RRSPs, charitable donations or medical ufioe. Sign in to a new or existing UFile account for the current tax year. Posted March 13, Is that for real?

Locate UFile Updater and click " Remove ". This morning my computer wouldn't start and I had to use the MS Startup Repair function to restore my computer ufild a previous configuration.

Go to " Start ".

Posted July 17, You may be one of them. Are you filing a Federal tax return for the first time? Please provide us with proof of purchase either by email support ufile.

Posted March 11, Posted August 5, 201 Are you kidding me? Posted August 10, Prepare your taxes and pay only when you are ready to file!

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