Collin moshman sit n go strategy

In any event, I wish you the best! Josh Nacey rated it it was amazing Jun 30, Applicable to all varieties of online poker Level:

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On our website you may study the rules of poker? A definite must-have for any serious SnG poker player. You betand he calls. I think it's one of the best poker books so far. Furthermore there is an additional incentive to get involved early in the game, which is that your opponents will also have tight standards for playing back at you, making your steals more profitable. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Yea if you moshmman a beginner it can probably get you winning in the low stakes SNG games. If we had enough members we could discuss the gameplay and if willing to share have more access to the hands in question through our shared hand histories.

Collin Moshman’s Sit N Go Strategy

The fourth part tells about the career of Sit-n-Go player and has plenty of useful info as well: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

I think this would greatly help my learning from the book, as it otherwise tends to sort of blur by. Use of this site moshmah acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Originally Posted by Colbefc. Idk if it's because everyone has read this book, or because there's to many gambly fish! Pot odds are then introduced: Originally Posted by basse Alright, I'm going to get things started with a short note on the Introduction.

The only thing I have to say is that once you learn all the information remember that most good players now also know the same information. Players can take advantage by raising those solid hands which would have been folded in the earlier portion of the game.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This is a good book about a narrow specialty of the Texas Hold'em game. Questions How well do these concepts apply to other SNG structures?

Amazon quoted 25th of Oct for arrival.

And if you sit around playing only premium hands in a game with 6 other tight players, your equity will no longer increase due to other players spewing strtaegy at each other. August 30th, 6: One of the only books I know of on this subject.

Brett Bosley rated it it was amazing Jan 17, Normally I would not have posted anything for this section, as it is extremely brief, but I had some questions that I'm curious to hear other people's opinions on. It's updated frequently with the most common questions, and can more often than not get you a quick answer.

Beginner Year of publishing: For every self-promotional item you share, you must contribute 10x as much through comments or threads. Moshman's book was instrumental in shaping up my SNG game years ago. Page 1 of 3. Also wondering if there are any better resources for sit and goes other than Moshman on cardrunners?

Collin Moshman’s Sit N Go Strategy

This is not the most fun book to read. Sign up or log in to comment. Paperback xit, pages. Moshman described his recommendations on playing Sit-n-Gos online.

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