When matching pen data is read, the generated Gcode with cut at thisvelocity. The Jogging Feed Rate is for Jog buttons or keyboardmovements. Determines which serialport KCam uses to communicate with MaxStepper.

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When the tool list is cleared, the Plot window uses the Bit Radius in Options General Tab for displaying plotlines Using the Load or Save buttons, different tool files can be stored and reloaded forvarious machinesetups. Thank you for choosing KCam.

To use it, select the function button. The Macro Files window allows editing of the macro file namesand macro file numbers. If the Re-Tool position entry boxes kcm4 blank,those axis will not move from their currentposition. Step 1 allocates a filefor KCam to store your custom parameters. Current pulse rate in Hertz that Maxstepper is applying to the steppermotors.

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Displays the status of the serial connection to MaxStepper. Jog window is open, the arrow keys allow jog movements while those keys aredepressed. Add Nxx This function adds line numbers to allof the Gcode lines in the Gcode textbox. The Parallel Port Setup allows Bit Mode for assigning access for the step and direction addresses in a unique card.

Estimated CNC processingcalculation Tool position statusindicators. Details on sending payment are available at http: Starting Depth This is the z position for the first cutpass Final Depth This is the z depth used in the last cutpass.

The decimal format parameter can be modified in the Table Setupwindow. Only single line commands are allowed to beentered. The value of the radius increase from the previouspass. When KCam is started again, the forms will be loaded at the save size andposition.

When theKeyboard Jog window is open, the arrow keys allow jog movements while those keys aredepressed. This displays the motor enable timervalues. This setting is useful for very large programs where plotting time can be anissue.

To use it, select the function button and draw a rectangle on the plot window over the area of interest. It will speed up the maximum step rate. You can right click on a selected event tohear the assignedsound. Make sure it is not engaged while cutting materials or motor positions may be compromised.


Invert each Pin as necessary to acquire the desired normal state when not moving an axis. When it is set or reset changed the System Timing function should beperformed. See the Keyboard Jog window for moredetails.

Information on Maxstepper Communicationstatus.

Speed, the isolation import function is slow. This function adds line numbers to allof the Gcode lines in the Gcode textbox. The Arrow buttons will move the Axiswhen pressed. If tool bits are specified in the Tool List window and tool commands are used in Gcode, this default value is not used unless the Force Plot Bit Radius above isselected. This function formats all of the Gcodedata.

It will halt all movements immediatly. This number represents the amount of IPM change in an Inch or mm ofmovement.

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