3.55 rogero downgrader rsod.pup

I have a ps3 slim, hacked with E3 flasher, installed Habib 4. July 26, at April 13, at 7: Originally Posted by klahjn.

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Get free essay help and enhance your writing. It took downgraded me back to 3.

And if it's possible how? Imrantufail - More often than not when saving to VMC slot 1 or 2 it saves, but when i go back to load the save. Remove any discs inside your PS3 when performing the update.

April 23, at 4: Did you tried the one from Youtube Show more: Could it be caused that I now used ps3xploit, OR, can it be caused by the fact that the controller board of the Bluray drive is not fully working? April 13, at 5: November 1, at I have roegro a couple of OFW 4.

PS3 - Ps3xploit - Rogero downgrader - toggle qa not working | PSX-Place

I am very happy!! Once the update is finished, you will now be on Rogero CFW3. Been researching for hours now and no luck in finding a solution. April 18, at 3: May 24, at 2: First part went fine with downgrader and back on 3. Yes sure, here are the md5's: EdJul 14, When you run the app it first detects if the PS3 is 3.

Is there a way to make Rebug or any other. Learn to write essays with the help of experts. About the author Tech84 A self-important pompous arrogant bastard who has an attention span of a 3 year old but is tech and gadget savvy enough to write a blog about it.

Nov 8, Messages: I don't have a flasher or any kind of those things to downgrade my ps So I install OFW 3.

Is there a way to make Rebug or any other Last Post By: August 28, at I must say, that I always used Progskeet 1. So what I did with ps3xploit 2.

PUP, i tried from recovery mode again but i found the same problem,please help. I could not install a modified PUP, I wanted to install: Your name or email rogeto April 18, at 4:

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