Mera ghaflat mein dooba dil badal de

We are only nineteen for crying out loud, Maha! If you are not interested, let me ask Shiza. She asked herself bitterly. Both were school friends and were now studying in the same college but in different faculties.

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If you are not interested, let me ask Shiza. Be ready, idl no more arguments! Maha was studying in Pre-Medical and aspired to become a doctor one day while Sidra wanted to become an engineer and was studying in Pre-Engineering.

Both friends were diehard music fans and Fakhir was their favourite singer. Forgive Sidra and her khala and grant them Jannah, Ya Allah. We are only nineteen for crying out loud, Maha!

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Two silent tears managed to escape her beautiful eyes. The way people turned up at his funeral! He turned to Allah in his thirties. Her parents who had grown up listening to his songs looked equally devastated.

mera dil badal de by junaid jamshed by saleha zubair | Free Listening on SoundCloud

They were attending a concert of Junoon when she had found a boy looking at her in a way that had shocked and embarrassed her. Later that night when Maha tried to gghaflat to one of his songs she felt as if she was betraying her favourite singer by doing something he himself had shunned years ago.

Did you ever wish to have a magazine packed with everything your children love to read and which is a great source for them to reform themselves? Junaid Jamshed was once my favourite singer too. Her father worked in a company which organized such events on a regular basis that was the reason she got free passes for herself and Maha so easily. Was she prepared for the angel of death?

I want to turn to Allah, Sidra, before I return to Allah! Maha had forgotten all about the concert when on 1st January she woke up to the horrible news that her childhood friend, her school and college mate, her neighbour Sidra and her khala had died mei an accident when their car had collided with an oil tanker as they were on their way to the concert.

Mera Dil Badal De Transform my Heart Junaid Jamshed.

Maha sighed audibly and set aside her pile of books and papers. The front door of the house slammed shut but Maha was at peace. For an instant she regretted coming but by then the pop group had started another song which also happened to be her favorite and she was back to enjoying emin along with Sidra and couple of other college friends.

He got what he wanted… the death of a shaheed. Two weeks had passed since that plane crash and she had spent her days as if in trance… going to college, attending lectures, taking notes but not socializing with friends. One of my khalas will also accompany us.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Both were school friends and were now studying in the same college but in different faculties. I am not going anywhere tomorrow! She asked badla bitterly. Maulana Taqi Usmani remarked that even he had not seen such a funeral in his life!

We should envy him. Are we ready to die today?

Mera Dil Badal De

I really am not going! To what do I owe this pleasure? Sidra and her khala had died on the spot while the driver was in a critical condition.

It was all mega Allah!

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